Women and men have completely different makeups and therefore when it comes to losing weight what works for a man would not necessarily work for a woman. But overall the rules are very similar.In this article I am focusing on weightloss tips that will help women lose those extra pounds and keep them off permanently.Obesity and being overweight is fast becoming a problem worldwide for millions of people. These tips are aimed at helping you stay out of this problem group to improve your health and to look and feel great. You are not meant to be fat. For your body to be in perfect balance and health you need to drop the weight.Weightloss Tips For Women.Rule 1- Do not skip breakfast. When you skip breakfast your body takes this as a signal that food is scarce and it will go into starvation mode and will begin to store fat to ensure your survival. Your body will always look after itself which is why you need to eat breakfast to stop it from storing fat. A great choice for breakfast is a high fiber cereal which will satisfy hunger and keep you fuller longer. You can flavour it with some fruit but whatever you do make sure you eat breakfast.Rule 2- Set Realistic Goals- Set up a plan that you can stick to and target your weightloss in a proactive way. To see results you need to put in the effort. Whether you need to lose 5 pounds or 50 pounds set your goals to lose a certain amount of weight each week and stick to it. The weight will not disappear overnight but once you start to see results it will motivate you to keep going. For extra motivation cut out a picture of someone who already has the body that you want and look at it often. You can achieve the body you want. Start believing in yourself. Results can be amazing when you back yourself to achieve.Rule 3- Portion Control- Eat less more often. Eat to survive. By all means enjoy your food but do not eat it by the bucketload. Small portions frequently keep the metabolism burning and the weight dropping off. Work out what works best for you and stick to it.Rule 4- Exercise and Rest- To lose weight you need to get active. Aim to exercise at least 4 to 5 times a week. You need to burn the fat off your body and the most effective way to do this is through physical activity. However, your body also needs rest so be sure to take 2 days a week off exercise. This allows the body to rest, rejuvenate and begin to change shape.


Many dietary systems tend to instil fear into the one following them, but to lose weight the easy way you only really need to follow a few sensible guidelines.Enjoy your food by chewing each bite full longer than usual. This way you will bring out more of the flavour. Put your utensils down between each mouthful. Sip water frequently, this not only helps fill your stomach it also refreshes the palate so that the next mouthful will still bring out all the flavours. Another reason for eating slowly is to give your brain time to catch up, in this situation your brain runs about 20 minutes behind your stomach. Have you ever finished a meal and 15 to 20 minutes later you suddenly feel fit to burst. That’s your brain suddenly catching up. Therefore if you eat slowly enough your brain should catch up and probably let you know that you are full, possibly before you come to the end of the meal.Another method to help lose weight the easy way is to go for a brisk 20 minute walk before dinner. Not only does this help to burn off calories it also reduces your appetite. Studies made in Scotland proved that a 20 minutes walk reduced the appetite as effectively as having a light meal.Take care when it comes to the weekend. A study in North Carolina found that most people and extra 115 calories each day of the weekend. This is due to an increased consumption of alcohol and fat.Instead of piling all your food on to one plate try serving individual portions. If you were to start with soup followed by a green salad, by the time you come to the higher calorie foods such as meat or dessert you may already be full. You could always use the leftovers the following day. Not only will you lose weight the easy way, you can also save on your food bills.Snacking during day helps stave off the feelings of hunger and helps to keep your metabolism firing, but healthy snacks can be pretty difficult to come by when you’re on the go. Try to pack your own snacks such as baby carrots or your own mix made with nuts, raisins, seeds, and dried fruit.When you are out and about order the smallest portion of everything. If you’re ordering a sub, go for the 6-inch sandwich. Buy the small popcorn when you go to see a movie, a small salad, a small hamburger. Studies find we tend to eat what’s in front of us and the people selling the food always tend to put the largest choice on display. You will feel just as full on less.Be positive about what you are trying to achieve. You can’t lose weight the easy way if you continue focusing on things you can’t do, like resisting junk food or getting out the door for a daily walk, the chances are you won’t do them. Instead repeat positive thoughts to yourself.-I can lose weight.
-I will get out for my walk today.
-I can lose weight the easy way.
-I know I can resist the pastry cart after dinner.
-Repeat these phrases like a mantra all day long. Before too long, they will become their own self-fulfilling prophecy and you will lose weight the easy way.If you are serious about trying to lose weight the easy way.
I would recommend using a good diet guide, the biggest online guide at the moment is Strip That Fat [http://www.squidoo.com/strip-that-fat-life-changing-weightloss] a revolutionary weightloss guide.


It doesn’t matter whether you are 30, 40 or 50, anyone who seriously decides that they would like to lose weight and commits to their goal can attain the success that they desire.Many discussions are based on calorie restrictions, regimented exercise routines and even meal replacement shakes and diet pills. I tried many theories before I found the ideal one for me that allowed me to lose my excess weight and keep it off. Each persons journey is different. You need the right plan for you.Three Things You Should Never Do If Trying To Lose Weight.Jump from one fad diet to another. Fad diets come and go and they will continue to do so long after we have gone. That is why they are called a fad. They are said to be popular for a time and then a new one comes out. These type of diets are often very restrictive and are not a permanent solution to weightloss.
Never avoid physical activity. There is no need to go out and pay expensive gym memberships. There is opportunity for physical activity all day long. Walk to the shop for milk, dance to your ipod while cleaning the house and even get out the back and play a game of touch footy with the kids. These types of activity are fun and beneficial to your success.
Never lose your motivation. What was your reasons for wanting to lose weight? Write them down. Read over your list often and keep your motivation high.You are the creator of your destiny and you are the one who gets to decide what your future will be like.